Monday, June 11, 2012

A Look Back to Friday Night

So the 4th Annual General Fools Festival came to a close on Saturday. What a great time!

Dot & Mae performed on Friday night at the 10 p.m show and had a blast! We made some slight adjustments to the format prior to our show that made a huge difference for us and allowed us to have more fun and play!

On Friday night Dot and Mae lost a patient, Reggie, and were deeply concerned for the consequences from their superior, Mrs. Shelton.

We also met some interesting patients: the man passionate about nail paint (with the magic touch), the mashed potato sculptor, and the hockey motivational singer.

We should also mention our accompanist for the evening, Emmett Hall, who played along with us brilliantly! Thanks, Emmett!

Thanks to the General Fools for having us as part of the festival, to the rest of the ensemble for being so hilarious and inspiring, to the Artesian for being such a beautiful venue, and to the incredibly energetic and enthusiastic audience!

Well, that's all for now, folks.

Stay tuned for an exciting update that we will announce later this week!


Dot & Mae