The Show

Dot & Mae: Delusions of Grandeur

It’s 1947 and Dot and Mae are birds of a feather. Two working girls gallavanting their way through love, lust, professional obligation, joyful misunderstanding... and Psychiatric nursing. Combining polished theatricality and dynamic improvisation, Dot and Mae venture between the everyday world of Ward A and the fantastical delusions that consume the patients who live there. This dark, improvised-comedy features Regina’s own Lucy Hill and Judy Wensel, an ever-changing cast of characters, live musical accompaniment and stories that shift between the dark, the heartfelt and the hilarious.

Each performance is entirely different and tells two parallel stories: one involving the grandiose delusions of varying hospital patients, and a story involving Dot and Mae’s daily grind in Ward A.

Dot & Mae: The History

Dot and Mae: Delusions of Grandeur originated in the summer of 2010, while Lucy and Judy were ensemble members at the Next Act Improvisational Theatre Festival in Victoria, BC. The show developed with the assistance and guidance of notable Improv Director, Alistair Cook of Vancouver’s Instant Theatre ( Dot and Mae: Delusions of Grandeur premiered as part of the Globe Theatre’s Sandbox Series in Regina, Saskatchewan in October of 2011. During the show’s two-week run, they performed to sold out audiences, received excellent reviews, and sold over 90% of tickets available. Dot and Mae: Delusions of Grandeur went on to be included as a keynote presentation at the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association Annual Conference in May of 2012 to rave reviews.