A review of a performance of Dot & Mae: Delusions of Grandeur from our run at Globe Theatre in the fall of 2011.

Hill and Wensel being gifted improvisers isn’t even a question; their work at Combat Improv is more than enough to prove that... Still, their ability to create this world of fantasy, where cats can talk and people and birds can fall in love or whatever happens on subsequent nights of the show, that feels emotionally true is fascinating... Plus, they’re really freakin’ funny.

-James Brotheridge, The Prairie Dog, Regina, 2011.

In May of 2012, Judy and Lucy did an abbreviated version of the show for the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Conference. This is some feedback they received:

"I have become a huge fan of improvised theatre. Judy and Lucy did a superb job of making us laugh with them rather than at them in their performance of Dot and Mae: Delusions of Grandeur. They took a chance at recreating their original performance about nurses to a group of 250 mostly registered nurses. Their performance was polished and impulsive using whatever props availed themselves. They have an endearing, confident, self-aware vibe that allows us into their world - like reminiscing with an old nursing colleague. The live accompaniment from renowned musician Jeremy Sauer was outstanding and lifted the performance to another place."

-Susan Smith Brazill, SRNA Communications and Corporate Services

What others say:

"Dot and Mae: Delusions of Grandeur is a daring, delightful, thoroughly entertaining act of imagination and improvisation performed by two exceptionally skillful performers.  It also sold like hot-cakes breaking all previous box office records for the Shumiatcher Sandbox Series."

-Ruth Smillie, Artistic Director and CEO of Globe Theatre, Regina.

"Dot and Mae: Delusions of Grandeur is an amazing breakthrough in improvisational theatre. These young women are the future of improv and the future looks very, very bright for this art form"

-Alistair Cook, Artistic Director of Instant Theatre, Vancouver.

“I had the pleasure of seeing Dot and Mae: Delusions of Grandeur and being part of an audience that was seeing an utterly unique evening of theatreThe brilliant improvisational skills of Lucy Hill and Judy Wensel took us on a journey no other audience would experience, yet I'm sure that everyone who spends a night with Dot and Mae will have an equally thrilling time of it.  The actors have a clear map as the play two nurses and a multitude of patients with names suggested by that evening's audience.  The patients invented for that night have distinctive quirks and troubles and are sometimes screamingly funny and at other times surprisingly poignant. I very much hope I get to see Dot and Mae again!

-Marti Maraden, Director/Actor, Stratford, ON.

"Judy and Lucy are sharper than two knives on sharpening day. Funny stuff."

-Michael Scholar Jr., Artistic Associate at Globe Theatre, Regina

"I loved Dot and Mae: Delusions of Grandeur.  I was mesmerized by these two strange nurse-creatures.  They were eerie, funny, sexy, and poignant, and I was astonished to hear later that the work was improvised.  Lucy Hill and Judy Wensel are brilliant."

-Maggie Huculak, Actor/Theatre Artist, Toronto, ON.

Photo by Kiriako Iatridis